Update: June 2020

Today’s world continues to be full of fear, uncertainty and political entities around the globe that unite only to move us all away from a global, caring and sympathetic world. 

My art is a mixture of an antidote and a reminder.

It’s an antidote because some of the images will take you away from the callous news of the day and give you a moment to escape, to breathe and to enjoy the bold colours or the creative vision. It allows you a break from the everyday, relentless stresses that flow over us. It can provide bold enjoyment, something specific for you to savour, to smile, to think.

It’s a reminder because some of my images will still stir you as those artworks make statements on our world and societies - but these are to remind us all of things we need to do to save our existence.

Art can provide these pointers - both subtle and direct - whilst still offering and allowing viewers to enjoy the images. It’s always a balance. It’s never easy - but it is worthwhile.

Remember to breathe, enjoy my offerings and hopefully find images that allow you to join me in my exploration, my journey to fulfill my creative quest, to be happy in this amazing universe.

Enjoy, peace.

Please note, a number of my images have been medal winners in various International contests/competitions and are available only as a limited edition art piece. Others are more readily available and all are sold around the world. Contact me if you’re interesting in purchasing any image, any size. Cheers.

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